Hi! It's me, Kendra Arnold! I'm getting ready to launch Feasty Vegan and maybe you heard about it or maybe you didn't but here it is!

Feasty Vegan is a vegan subscription box series featuring delicious food that I think everyone should try! I'm not the world's best maker or baker but I really love and appreciate food that is made with care and thoughtfulness and that is really really good.

I'm launching in March and shipping to you wherever you are in the states and if you are in New Jersey, you can pick up your order in Morristown at 62b South Street.

This is actually behind South Street, so if you are trying to find me and your box of goodies, you can cut through Smart World (stop and get an oatmilk latte!) and out the back door and down the stairs. Or you can enter the parking lot off Pine Street next to the Dublin Pub or there is also an entrance off Dumont Place near the post office, but honest just give me a call at 973-631-1731 and I'll walk you through it and stand on the street to wave you in.

The boxes I'm featuring in March include

  • Sprinkles Box 
  • Wake Up World Caffeine Box
  • Upcycled Food Box Series 

Once I get settled into the Feasty Vegan space, I'll be launching boxes that I have dreamed about like

  • Vegan Donut Box
  • Cheesecake Series
  • Other Stuff I'm still making up

I have this space for one year and I'm excited to try new food and new ideas so if you have any pointers for either of those things, let me know! I'm really excited to share this food with you all!


February 13, 2022 — Kendra Arnold