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Bandit Barn Cat


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I can replace my Carnivore cream cheese now

I am a new Vegan that was having a hard time finding a replacement for cream cheese, this is a good option


❤️ it

A bloomy rind with a dainty hint of citrus, notes of sweet earth and a vegetable ash inlay.

Dairy doppelgänger: Brie and Camembert

Uses: A perfect visual stunner on a charcuterie, crudités or cheese boards. Crumbles like a champ.

Plays nicely with: Herbaceous flavor combinations, earthy notes like mushroom and beet, seeds and seeded crackers, bread, pistachio, walnuts – anything nutty, really.

6.5 ounces

My description: HOLYMOLY, this cheese is unbelievably amazing. It is like the best blue cheese-gorgonzola like flavor - you know - in my personal opinion - and I have been spreading it on fresh bread from the farmers market and topping with slices of fresh tomato and I will continue to do as much as I can for the rest of my life. I love this cheese so much!


Cashews, Filtered Water Coconut Oil, Salt, Vegetable Ash, Cultures & Enzymes

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