Food Baby NJ Donut 5-Packs & Mix and Match for Friday, August 19 (Local Pick-Up in Morristown Only)


Here are the donut flavors for Friday, August 11! You can now order the classic five-pack or a five-pack of weekly specialty flavors or mix and match your way to happiness!


We will have the Classic Flavors ready for pick-up but be sure to order the specialty flavors by noon on Thursday!


Classic Flavors

  • Chocolate Oat Milk
  • Vanilla Oat Milk
  • Blueberry Oat Milk
  • Strawberry Oat Milk
  • Old Fashioned Glazed

Every Friday, Food Baby NJ delivers five fantastic flavors of their vegan potato donuts to Feasty Vegan here in Morristown! We get 100 donuts and once they are gone that is it!


Food Baby NJ is a vegan sister owned company and their potato donuts were inspired by their grandma's potato zeppoles they had growing up.

All their potato donuts, fillings and toppings are hand made from scratch, fried in the same day in small batches with minimal and simple ingredients. All their donuts are made with real mashed potato mixed into the dough, giving the donuts a fluffy texture. All their potato dontus have 7 ingredients or less and they use real fruit, vegetables or teas to add color to their frostings and glazes.




Pick up at Feasty Vegan starting at 9 am on Fridays!  Our address is 62b South Street, but our location is off Pine Street -- enter our parking lot next to the Dublin Pub on Pine Street and you'll find us under the stairs to Millie's Pizza. You can also come through Smart World Coffee on South Street and out their back door and find us downstairs, and this is a great option because it also gives you time to stop for coffee. If you need more directions or want me to wave you in, just call or text 973-631-1731.